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Buck Leather Dobro/Square-Neck Resonator Guitar Strap

$ 49.00

Please Contact Us if you would like to purchase this Dobro strap.  We routinely ship both domestically and internationally.

Our Buck leather instrument straps are made right here at Bucks County Folk Music Shop by our sister company Buck Musical Instrument Products.  We have been handcrafting these straps for decades here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania using the highest quality leather and materials.

Our Buck Dobro Straps are made of soft, hand-worked leather and are designed for use with square neck resophonic guitars. (Please see our Buck Guitar Straps if you have a round neck resophonic).

We use strong, non-stretching shoulder hide (most leather straps are made of belly hide - which easily stretches and breaks).

Buck Dobro straps are wider in the middle to provide maximum comfort and support to the player’s back, neck and shoulders, but they are narrower on each end of the strap to allow the player a full range of motion (no one wants to bump into a strap while they’re playing!).

 Our Buck Dobro straps offer a double adjustment in 1-inch increments, and measures approximately 70" end-to-end when fully adjusted, which gives the player more options to find the right fit for them and the adjustable loop works on both slotted and solid head stocks.

Your choice of Style - either Plain (no decoration) for $49.00 or Tooled (decorative stamping in leather) for $59.00.

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