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Harmonica - Hohner Weekender Diatonic Tremolo 24-Hole

Harmonica - Hohner Weekender Diatonic Tremolo 24-Hole

$ 22.50

Please Contact Us if you would like to purchase this harmonica.  We routinely ship items both domestically and internationally.

Bucks County Folk Music Shop is proud to be a Hohner dealer.

This Hohner "Weekender" Diatonic Tremolo 24-Hole Harmonica includes:

  • Diatonic (see below)
  • Tremolo (see below)
  • 24-Hole, Double
  • Available in multiple keys - please Contact Us for availability
  • Richter tuning
  • 0.9 mm brass reed plates
  • Brass reed plate surface
  • ABS mouthpiece surface
  • ABS comb
  • Screw assembly for easy maintenance

The Hohner Weekender 24 Tremolo Harmonica is excellent for beginners seeking to create tremolo effects that normally come only to more experienced players.

Each row is tuned to the same notes with the top row tuned ever so slightly higher. Much like having 2 singers, these 2 rows of holes create a lush vibrato that works well in so many styles of music from gospel to folk.

Diatonic vs. Chromatic:

Diatonic: The most common type of harmonica is the diatonic or Richter harmonica.  It is typically used in blues, rock, country, and folk, but can be found in all styles of music. The diatonic harmonica is a single voice instrument and usually has 10 channels, each with one blow and one draw note.  Due to their diatonic tonal layout, the player generally needs several instruments in different keys.

Chromatic: As the name suggests, it contains all natural notes plus all sharps and flats, thus enabling chromatic melodies. Basically the chromatic harmonica consists of two harmonicas, one in C and one in C#, separated from one another by the slide, which is operated by the button at the side.  The chromatic harmonica is used mainly in jazz and classical music, but can also be heard in pop, rock and folk as well as in the blues.


Tremolo harmonicas have double holes, each containing two reeds tuned to the same note, one tuned slightly higher than the other.  Both reeds are either blow or draw.  When they are played the slight difference in tuning creates a beautiful, vibrating or tremolo effect.

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