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Kavanjo Banjo Pickup - Flange Mount

$ 280.00

We can also professionally install the head - with Kavanjo Pickup - on your banjo for you (recommended).  Please Contact Us for details.

We are proud to be a Kavanjo Banjo Pickup dealer.

Made in the USA, Kavanjo is a magnetic humbucking pickup, designed specifically for banjos, that is installed for you on a standard banjo head.  It provides the amplification you want while retaining the true and natural sound of your banjo.

Kavanjo offers three different output (jack) options: Head Mount, Flange Mount, and Velcro Mount.

This Flange Mount Kavanjo Pickup (output jack is mounted in the flange) will work with many 4, 5, or 6 string resonator banjos.

The Flange Mount will not work for open-back banjos (unless they have a flange) and is not compatible with some flanges, depending upon the size of the holes in the flange.  In those cases please see Head Mount or Velcro Mount Pickups.

Please see above for available Head Types, Crown Heights, and Head Sizes.

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