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Gerry Heinrich 4-String Teardrop Mountain Dulcimer #022

$ 999.00

This Gerry Heinrich 4-String Teardrop Mountain Dulcimer #022 includes:

  • Made in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Douglas Fir Top, Sides, Back from 100+ Year Old Reclaimed Barn Wood
  • Morado Fingerboard (Morado is also called Bolivian Rosewood and is very similar to Rosewood)
  • Ebony Nut and Bridge
  • Planetary Tuners
  • Scroll Headstock
  • Teardrop Shape
  • 4 String
  • 28" Vibrating Scale Length
  • Includes Zero Fret
  • Hand-Made Capo and Noter Included
  • Strung with GHS D20-MBS   .024, .014, .012, .012  squeakless
  • Custom-Fit Wooden Case with Sturdy Carrying Handle and Accessory Compartment Included

Our thoughts about Gerry Heinrich mountain dulcimers:

Having been in business since 1966, we have seen our fair-share of hand-crafted instruments by independent builders.  Only a select few have stood out in terms of craftsmanship, playability, and tone.  Gerry is one of those builders.  He has taken the time to understand how to go about building a mountain dulcimer that sounds beautiful, looks beautiful, and plays well.  And his 50+ years as a woodworker gives him the skills needed to properly craft these instruments.  We are proud to offer Gerry Heinrich's mountain dulcimers in our shop.

About the Builder:

Gerry Heinrich builds his dulcimers in his workshop in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. While working as a cabinetmaker for American Music Furniture he was exposed to all kinds of acoustic music. When the pandemic hit, he was increasingly frustrated by the lack of live music. Watching YouTube one day he
saw a video featuring a mountain dulcimer, “the easiest stringed instrument in the world to learn to play”.  Through his connections at work, he was loaned a McSpadden dulcimer to teach himself to play. After examining the dulcimer, he realized he could probably make one himself. After extensive research on the mechanics and the history of dulcimers he designed and built his first dulcimer in August, 2020.

Due to the pandemic, he had to wait until the following spring to find someone who knew how to play to get feedback on his creations. He’s had only positive reviews and encouragement from professional players and luthiers.

With over 50 years as a woodworker, Gerry continues to experiment with different species of woods with a focus on reclaimed wood. He builds both teardrop and hourglass dulcimers and has designed a hybrid which offers the sweet sound of a teardrop and the stability of an hourglass. He continues to design beautiful instruments with various color combinations and sound hole pattern designs.

Gerry enjoys playing his dulcimers every day, and each has a unique sound. He’d love to build one for you!

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