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To talk about Old Time banjos, it’s good to understand that - like automobiles – there are many different types of banjos. And while you can drive a pickup truck fast around twists and turns or take a sports car down a dirt road, people tend to purchase the type of automobile that will best fit their driving wants and needs. The same can be said for banjos. You can play Old Time music on a Bluegrass banjo (or Bluegrass music on an Old Time banjo) however, Old Time banjos are almost always 5-string with an open back (no resonator)....

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The Most Important Thing To Look For When Buying a Guitar

What is the most important factor to consider when buying a new or used guitar? You might think the answer would be price, brand, size, or tone – but you would be wrong. THE most important factor to consider when buying a guitar is its “playability” - or “ease of playing”. If a guitar is not properly set up for playability it will be much harder to play than it should be. And, if that’s the case, the guitar probably won’t be played for long. Worse yet, someone new to playing guitar may think it’s something they’re not doing (instead...

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Buying Smart - Whether It's Your First Instrument Or Your 20th

So there it is – you have the itch – the itch to buy an instrument. Maybe you’ve had it for a few weeks, months, or even years - but recently you’ve been thinking that now is the time to do something about it. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to learn to play an instrument you’ve never played before. You’ve always loved “that” sound, admired the people who could play, and now you’re ready to take that first step toward instrument ownership. Or it could be that you’ve been playing for a while and you’ve been thinking about moving toward a...

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