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We provide appraisals on most all acoustic stringed instruments including guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins, harps, ukuleles, dulcimers, and autoharps.

Owner Karl Dieterichs has been appraising instruments for over 50 years and has the experience and skill to provide an in-depth, comprehensive, and accurate valuation of your instrument.  And because Karl has also been repairing and manufacturing instruments since 1966, he offers a unique skill-set, not only understanding how an instrument looks and sounds, but how it was made and the materials that were used.

To provide you with an accurate and reliable appraisal, all appraisals are performed on-site here at our store where we personally inspect the instrument.  We do not provide appraisals where only photos are provided.

We offer two types of appraisals:  1. Verbal or 2. Written, Notarized.

Verbal Appraisals are $35 per instrument and all information will be provided to you verbally while you are here in our store.

Written, Notarized Appraisals are $55 per instrument and all information will be provided to you in a written, notarized document.

SOME (not all) vintage instruments (vintage = pre-1970) may require additional research/time to correctly perform the appraisal.  If that is the case we will notify you of this at the time you bring your instrument to us.  We will then only provide a written, notarized appraisal and the charge would be $75.

Please Contact Us for further information or to schedule an appointment.