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Looking for that certain something in an instrument but just can't seem to find it?  Have a special request?  For over 50 years we've been helping folks with their special requests and custom order instruments.

Why folks choose us:

  • We maintain close relationships with all of our instrument makers and manufacturers - big and small - providing you, the customer, with a very personalized experience in helping you achieve what you want.
  • We have a comprehensive understanding of how certain options may influence the playability and tonality of an instrument and will help you make informed choices as we work closely with you to design your instrument.

What folks say about their experience with us:

"Just wanted to thank Karl for assisting me in designing my Ome Bright Angel Custom Five-String Banjo (see pictures above).  The entire process of selecting woods, stains, inlays and hardware was an amazing experience.  With the help of Karl and Tanya Ogsbury at Ome, the results far exceeded my expectations."  - Dave W.
"A great guitar in the hands of a good player can make great music.  Although, after playing for over a half a century, my hands don't always do what they once were able "my music can still take me where my heart wants to go" (Cat Stevens), thanks in large part to my Custom Larrivee.  Quality craftsmanship and cost do not always go up together when gifts come from the heart.  Thanks to Karl, Jean Larrivee and the Muse that guides all true music!" - Garry H.


We invite you to stop in or Contact Us if you're thinking about that special request or custom instrument.  We would be happy to talk with you.