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Have An Instrument You'd Like to Sell?

Blame it on New Year's Resolutions or Spring Cleaning but many folks focus on de-cluttering around this time of year so it seems like it might be a good time to talk about what to do with that instrument you're not playing anymore.

Some folks may not be familiar with the term Consignment. Basically consignment is when the owner of the instrument is ready to sell and allows someone else (a "Broker") to handle everything for them including the advertising, promotion, and sale of the instrument.

Advantages to consigning are:
1. The owner does not need to worry about advertising, including: writing a description, taking multiple pictures, deciding on a price, figuring out shipping & insurance costs, deciding where to advertise, posting each ad, and perhaps paying for each posting
2. The owner also does not need to worry about dealing with potential buyers: including answering questions by phone or email, negotiating the price, deciding on payment methods, arranging times and places for potential buyers to see/try out the instrument, and return policies
3. The owner does not need to worry about getting the instrument to the buyer, including possibly packaging the instrument, deciding on a shipper, completing all necessary shipping forms, and being available for pick-up.
4. In consignments, the "Broker" usually has a much larger, yet targeted audience, so when the instrument is put up for sale it will potentially reach more people, and more people who might be interested in that instrument.

Disadvantages to consigning are:
1. Paying a fee (or receiving a percentage of the selling price). Chances are you will end up with less money in your pocket if you decide to consign (vs. selling it on your own).

Here at Bucks County Folk Music we have been selling consignment instruments for our customers for over 50 years and we make the process smooth and straightforward. So if you are thinking of selling an instrument, let us know. We'll be happy to talk with you!

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